The Christmas Follies, 2004


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OK, the heck with skiing.  Just get me up in a week... Hee hee, Laura's got split ends! The shame of it all! It's OK, I love you anyhow! Do you think the boots go on with the long part forward? Dig them hi tech ski jeans Now what? Uh, Laura, you're supposed to get on the snow first Does the red flag mean rip tides? We don need no stinkin lessons... Uh, is the slope that way? If I were moving, you would have just cut me off! Must make pizza, must make pizza... I am just SO cool... Shouldn't you be pointing THIS way? I keep swinging my arms, but I'm not getting anywhere... I meant to do that... Exercise period at the lesson yard Oh God, I think my knees have had it... Is he doing the Peppermint Twist? Ski tips not together!  Going to run over purple girl! Ready for the 90 meter jump... STILL so COOL... I'm glad they gave us these long sticks to lean on... Whatever you do, don't look up! Off we go... Let's dance... We now observe a moment of silence in memory of my knees... Anyone gets in there way and I take them out with my finger pistol... After a full day of skiing, the mighty warriors finally remember their poles... Hello, I'd like you to meet my friend, the well known terrorist (the mask, kid, it's supposed to cover all but your eyes!)... Rest, must have rest! Ahhhhhhh, that's better Ahhhhh, that's MUCH better One up, one down... Laura the narcoleptic urban planner... I'm just soooo happy about the holidays...