A trip to the National Zoo -- Baby cheetahs and small mammals


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Stocking up for the arduous zoo trip ...and tigers and bears, oh my Why doesn't she start using her new camera? Baby cheetahs -- you know, that camo pattern really works! Momma looking noble Mommy, is that how you looked after me? Result of the Panda breeding program Am I cool or what? Still looking for the right sedation dentist... Up periscope Golden Lion Tamarin Brown haired taramin watchers Golden-Headed Lion Tamarin Geoffroy's Tufted-eared Marmoset Rock Cavy Prehensile-tailed Porcupine Lilac-breasted Roller Asian Small-clawed Otter Black and Rufous Giant Elephant-shrews (not shrews at all but related to aardvarks, manatees(!) and, of course, elephants)