Build and Rehearsal

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Oh wow, directing is SOOOOOOO cool! Heisenberg's uncertainty principle applied to hands... More hand probability clouds Caught in the act of grazing If someone would turn on the light, I'd make a shadow butterfly... "Stand back! My hands are registered weapons..."\n"Yeah but the rest of you is a registered doofus..." "One, two, three, LIFT...  Nope, it's still on the ground.  OK, again..." "No, it's OK George, everyone is supposed to hate you at this part of the play..." No, Igor, you may NOT have any cheese dip! What a cool belt! Can I have a belt like that? Huh? Can I? Now hold it... that hump was on the other side last picture... One move and I use the blurry hand of doom... My God, what have we gotten ourselves into... I only remove my teeth to drink root beer when my eyes are lit up The curly-haired demon guards Whattya mean I can't handle criticism! We will not write on the walls.  We will not write on the walls.  We will not... Some pictures just beggar description... Oh Hi!  What?  Am I strangling George?  Well, yeah, sort of.  I mean, why not? Yes, my child, and when you achieve enlightenment, you too can aspire to directorhood Techs collecting at the watering hole... OK Sam, you're my agent, right?  Well get me OUT of this deal before they bounce my head off the floor again! OK kiss, prepare to DIE (bwaa, haa, haa)! I told you we'd all get stuck this way... Let's see.  Did you dislocate both shoulders or is your head on backwards? Well I USED to know how to do the Frug... Talk about laid back musical accompanyment... For my next trick, I'll just corkscrew myself right into the stage! Famous director's school lesson #4:  Always amuse your actors Maybe if I meditate a few moments, I'll get this under control again I'll make this thing work if it kills me! OK, now one last time:  let me into the circle or the whole show's off! Ladies and Gentlemen, there will be no musical accompanyment because I just strangled my guitar They get to keep having fun and I have to try and remember that stupid monologue Maria and Karl suddenly discover they are in the land of the giants... My next dive will be difficulty 2.5 Cannonbaaaaaall... No, wait!  No WATER! Strum the guitar, not the mike... Stage Managers:  always there to help Leggomyarmwillya Wow, I'm having fun now! So are we! She's allliiiiiiivvvvvve! One more note and you're going to become part of the set! I'm not here I'm not here I'm not here I'm not here... That end-of-the-year look Far out man, drama At the lab session for Goofiness 101 Just belt her with the guitar, wouldya? A rare moment of directorial mirth I just can't bear listening to this for one more minute If we lit the carpet, we could heat this stuff If I fold this table up from beneath, maybe I can dump the food on Karl I can't believe I ate the whole box I can't believe I ate all three bowls This is what I get for a son-in-law?  And they say comedies end happy... Oh my gosh, she's a GIRL!  Uhhh, hold it...  So am I! I know there are strings down there somewhere... I wave my armpits in your general direction... The Feliz Navidad crowd "I know Laura would like to act in the show, but could she direct from OFF the stage?" Evil, think evil, got to be evil... Burlap, think burlap, got to be burlap... Karl, your lines are NOT hiding in there!