Frankenstein -- Backstage


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Yes, that's right, I AM a girl This set building stuff is tough work! Balinese spring worshippers Meet my cameraman.  Not the highest card in the deck... Next stop, Cosmo... Someday, this will all be yours We definitely need a new light board Now watch me swallow this all at once! Is this impish or what? Well I didn't put it there! This is downright sinful The strawberry tasting production line You're supposed to be artificial, not moronic... At least someone's having fun... Yes I AM enjoying myself! First place in the "Not Supposed to Laugh" contest Second place in the "Not Supposed to Laugh" contest Winner of the "Not Supposed to Laugh When Being Tickled by your Hair" division Pit inspection -- all meticulous theatre teachers do it... Group shot 1 -- the townspeople No, you lead... And where did that mark on your neck come from... Group shot 2 -- A Boy and his Hunchback And this is how you dance like a goose... Why am I the only one who can see where the ball went? Check my teeth next!  No, mine! And they said platform soles were dead... Our Hero! OK bud, stop flirting with the hired help... Can I take the weird contacts out now? Iiiii'mmm mmmmeltiiiiiing!