Love's Labours Lost -- The Readthrough


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My only friend... This might be interesting for the first 10 minutes or so... Maria feels the hairs on the back of her neck stand up, but doesn't know why... I have no clue what this means.  I'll just laugh when everyone else does... Where DID I put that carrot? Mr. Excitement strikes again! This is so much fun I think I'll just puke! My toe's more pointable than you toe! OK, tell me just what you think this is... See, it's an eyeball plucker! If I stare at the paper punch long enough, will it be my friend? If I keep my mouth open long enough, maybe the fly'll fly back out... My God, I've lost my tongue! I just love a good coke bottle band! Coke bottle band music... Kill! A miss, a palpable miss... No, no, no, like THIS! You mean I should have read the WHOLE play? Clear symptoms of having been attacked by the eyeball plucker... Why AM I here? Maybe one of these stupid things explains this silly play... Nora practicing smug director look. Danielle failing miserably at smug director look. I wish MY hair looked like that... Can I have a bigger part, pleeeeeeease... A refugee from Optometrists Anonymous. How am I EVER going to learn all of this?!