Love's Labours Lost -- Rehearsals


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OK, one more time.  How do you dance like an Egyptian? Ooooops, didn't mean to kick you there... Is that what you mean "follow through on my punches?" OK, yew maggots, get back in formation! OK, boys and girls, can't we all play nicely together? Pass the ball to me! Not supposed to chew up Nora's tootsie pops... Want to see me pull another one out? Man, I sure wish I could do that... I give up, I just can't meditate to this stuff! Nora, do the nose thing again! Poor Eric... Dance with me, you fool... Is my neck OK? I think I just dislocated my jaw! Nope, I think Laura's are cleaner... Aren't we supposed to, well, dance a little closer? Ya know, your arm's kinda heavy... Must keep lip from falling off... Laura's punishment for not knowing her lines is to do the entire rehearsal with one arm raised... Friends don't make friends play boys, right? Better check to see if anyone's looking before I eat the rest of these... I can't believe you're eating the whole package! OK, quick, give me 10 cookies and I won't tell... Tickle me one more time and I'm spewing cookies all over you! OK, don't tell me, I want to guess who this is... Am I sure Eric didn't lick this one? I remember seeing my cat do this... Ocean's 4 Annie realizes she forgot to put her teeth in before leaving home this morning... I think I just swallowed one of Nora's tootsiepops! Isn't this how real directors do it? Let me just guess what's going on here... I've got to say all of this junk? Please supply your own caption here... Hey dude, my hat's cooler than your hat...  Oh, sorry, that's your hair... We're having fun now... The Thinker... Wadda ya mean this isn't an SAT review session! Just a bunch of dancin' fools in this cast My dentist hates me but I don't care... Next, I'll do the stellar jay... I didn't know Shakespeare wrote any three part harmony numbers OK everybody, what do you think of my Mick Jagger impression? Looks like time out for Darren... Me and him do WHAT?  Surely you jest! Aye aye, Ms. Director, whatever you say... Why the trash can is right over there!  Why do you ask? I think LLL was really written by Max Planck... Let me just adjust my ear a little bit, then say that line again...