Much Ado About Nothing -- Rehearsal


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See, I did so eat some! Bad Chinese -- It binds us together... And, she's got great teeth, don't you think? What do you mean this isn't the American Idol tryout? My secret for success -- I take out the pills and replace them with M&Ms... You wanted a bench with legs?  This is the best I could do... TJ still life TJ -- We came for the style You may wonder how I drew such a neat circle with such a big brush... Preschool flashback OK, lines deadline! OK, now put the drops in my other eye Now, if I only had some food, I'd be set... My God, someone's realized we're up here... Hmmm, didn't quite make the vault... Costumes here, get your cold costumes OK, now everyone wave bye-bye Darn, forgot to open my mouth And now, for another rousing chorus of "I'm a lumberjack" OK, I've scrubbed the carpet.  So what's the next "warmup"? OK, whoever is back there, leave my shoulder alone! Well it looked like a piece of toast to me... And furthermore, to avoid the appearance of discrimination, all FEMALE characters will wear beards as well Wanna trade whatever you're eating for some lines? You know, this is not a very efficient toungue scraper... Stop staring, you're not getting any! Watch me recite my lines through a mouth full of french fries! I just love sitting on the roof playing with blocks Typically overdressed directors... No, no, that's a PROP! Now I'm going to pretend the bench has a much higher back I am just TOO cool... And this one gets XM radio... Political speech practice I forgot how narrow these aisles are! You are getting sleepy... Didn't your mother ever tell you not to engage in masked frolic with a lolipop in your mouth? No, really, I'm a guy.  After makeup, I'll have a beard and everything! The lower part is painted on! Helps to get the eye holes lined up with your eyes... Glasses and masks don't mix... Another candidate for the ITT School of Tie Tying Is my tongue bright red? Hard to believe that the first show is tomorrow! This whole play thing is just too hard... Guess the toes contest, Number 1 OK, OK, so I finally am getting around to reading this... Doors are nice, but how about a ladder? It's hard to look strict when you're so excited! This is more fun than anyone should have! Watch what you do with that cane, bud... Isn't this what directors are supposed to do? No more hitting head on bench! Oh costume person, how about two inches off the sleeves? You'd think after playing so many guys, I'd know how to do this... Masked balls wear me out! Portrait 1 Portrait 2 Portrait 3 Soooooo comfortable... Now before you come in for show night, I want you to make sure your teeth look as white as mine! Gee, they look kinda pink to me A little hard on the concentration, but don't stop! Is that Superman?  No, it's just Phil... Portrait 4