R & G -- Rehearsals

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One more picture and we're doing warmups on top of your camera! Fresh from a tryout for the revival of "The Mod Squad" Just swallowed a carrot whole! Humpf!  I'll just ignore him and he'll go away! Biiiiiiiiird, the saw won't cut.  What?  Use the POINTY side of the blade? "Chocolaty but without presumption..." Watch where you put those chopsticks, fella... Nick tries to leap on the chair for an important announcement, but gets stuck halfway Carrot vandals OK, your turn!  Which hand is the coin in? No one should be paid to have this much fun.  No, wait!  I'm not BEING paid! Peek a boo! Do I smell the scent of "Fresh Spring Cotton" deodorant? Am I projecting now? Nope, don't see any spinach in there now... By the way, whose arm is that, anyhow? No, no, no, you're Hamlet, not Eric the Red Great dismount, huh? I'm scratching my lip, honest! Paint by the numbers Did that wiggly thing used to be your toe? OK Nora, I swear!  No more remarks about Tybalt... Yes you ARE my best friend!  Now get off my back about it. Oh yeah, and you guys are my best friends too...  (right after the cane) Just how many arms do I have, anyhow? Of course I look like a guy!  I ALWAYS look like a guy! Waddya mean I ain't got culture?!  I ALWAYS got culture! No this is my favorite part of the second movement... You're right -- your watch lights up brighter than mine... They're always talking about me... Unbeknownst to Liz, the drill is about to execute its long-prepared surprise attack on her ankle... You know, being in the Norwegian army has alot of benefits... Did you hear that Nick may want us to fly down from the roof... This is so exciting that I'm nodding right off... Now, boys and girls, you be good and mind Miss Laura, or Miss Laura will poke your eyeballs out the back of your heads Directing from the shadows... My God, they've extended AP's for another week! With the show looming in a week, Laura decides maybe she ought to read the script... Random collection of actor body parts Even a close up won't help sort it out... She's got sole... The king is going to see right through this letter...   (Gag -- sorry!) And if you don't do what I say, you get it with the glass dagger! Hah!  With my sorcerous powers, I've morphed your glass dagger in to a block of wood! Never knew that being stabbed with a block of wood would hurt so bad... With her dying grasp, the player makes one more try for the green sandals she has coveted for so long... Hee, hee, OK, you got me, my fly WAS down! I am women... no, wait, I am man... Laaauuurrrraaaa, this jerk has fallen asleep again! The cast lines up at the Hamlet bar for a quick post-rehearsal nightcap... Demonstration on how to cut off the blood flow to your lower legs You mean I DON'T look like Stevie Wonder?  How about Ray Charles? I'm soooooo happy the rehearsal is over!