The Switcheroo Show

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I'd whip up on people around here, but they all move too fast! Whoa, dude!  It IS a guy thing! Could we have your autograph, Mr. Mercutio? Just follow my lead and we'll keep everyone confused... OK now listen up!  This is Sarah's head, and it's the only part of her you have to worry about for the duration of the production Come on!  I do TOO look like a mime! Let's see, why was I up here again? Wow, you CAN hold your arm up a long time! ONE, two, three, ONE, two, three, all together now... Oooops, thought it was empty! Hey up there, the cyc's clashing with my shirt! Whatever happens, must keep straight face... Dude, how do you make your hand do that? He's da man... No, wait, HE'S da man... No, wait again, HE'S da man... Wadda ya mean "do I gotta pee"?  I'm just glad I really know who da man is now! Mercutio and anti-Mercutio meet and annihilate into a Romeo and a Benvolio The Queen Map Rap 140 over 98.  Romeo, you just gotta chill... Tybalt under the mistletoe The unfortunate results of Love Potion No. 9 My lips are cramped!  Mine too! Don't they know that disco is dead? Oh Romeo, Romeo, whyfor art thou such a dork, Romeo? The alert lighting crew makes sure to keep the Romeo shirts clashing "The hills are alive, with the sound of..." Why is that camera pointed this way? Another candidate for bishop eliminates himself from the running Well THAT woke you up! What passes for fun with directors Karl:  brain to body -- warp factor 6 Someone PLEASE catch me! I didn't need that ankle anyhow... Boys, boys, keep it clean... Help! My shirt just turned all the way around! Concentrate, gotta concentrate Next time, I want a hat... Oops, sorry!  That was supposed to go under your arm... Hey everyone, Neo's fighting Morpheus! I've just gotta find a new drugstore chain I didn't want to hurt you, but you tried to open my Coke! Romeo prepares to commit suicide by tooth decay (very painful) My incisors, they're dissolving! When that armpit hits the ground, is it gonna hurt! Watch where you put that dagger, buddy! While the rest of the cast thanks the booth, Juliet thanks her shoes "If I only had a brain..."