Twelfth Night -- Backstage!

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Hold it!  Do I smell pizza? The few, the proud, the goofy... Yes these ARE my real teeth! Denizens of the drama hall devour their latest kill... It's my leg!  No, it's MY leg... She sleepwalks like that all the time I'm not so sure about this... Is the food ready yet? Mmmmmm, bunny food OK, everyone else clear out, I've got all this covered Master and Commander:  The Far Side of the Drama Hall I think I just swallowed a carrot whole! Sisters, Sisters\nThere were never such devoted sisters... Lord help the mister\nWho comes between me and my sister\nAnd Lord help the sister\nWho comes between me and my man NOW we're having fun... Another pair of sisters... So where DOES that hand come from? Are you still there with that bloody camera? Where's Waldo, drama hall edition Excuse me, do you have an appointment? What do you do with a drunkin sailor? Glow clothes This is Adina's brain This is Adina's brain on cheese I'm not responsible for this show, hee, hee, hee! Always keep the sponsors busy Sponsor's know the way to the cast's heart