Twelfth Night -- The Rehearsals!

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Hello, my name is stress and I'm Diane'd out... And furthermore, I promise, if elected, to have sushi at every rehearsal I sure wish they'd turn on the heat in this room! Do we all have to wear brown to EVERY rehearsal? No, I'm NOT another backpack! I think everyone should be required to knit their own costumes... And if looks could maim, Maria would have left the room in a basket... And speaking of looks... Going, going... snore OK, you Maggots, get those scripts out! If I were a real model, I could balance this without hands... Yeah, I'm happy, can't you tell? How 'bout them Mets... Now turn to page 24 of Cliffs Notes for another penetrating insight... Wipe that grin off your face, Mister, this is serious business! Hey Maria, wanna see me pull a coin outta my ear? Must stay awake, must stay awake, must stayyyyyy... Peekaboo... Must stay awake, must stay awake, must stayyyy... Must stay awake, must stay awake, must stayyyy... Would you stop reading the script and listen to me about my meditation technique? And this posture really helps the gall bladder And I can hold MY breath for 4 minutes! Yup, lips're still there... Look up, look down, look at my finger -- durn it, that's not how it goes Wow, can you show me how to move that fast? It can't be a hairball, it just can't be... Directorial frolic I do solemnly swear...  OK, who stole the Bible? The hunchback of room 151 No, no, no, THIS is how you yodle... OK, why is everyone else so happy? OK, why is everyone else so happy... Hmmm, think Emma will notice I had one leg amputated? Gratuitous Jana AND Erin picture! Wipeout Gratuitous Savannah and Erin picture! It's a Miracle!  My leg grew back! Just look at all those peons down there One false step and she perforates my foot with those heels... Just keep those pants away from me Rrrrrrriiiiiiipppp (hope it's just the pants) OK, so I'm wearing a skirt.  Wanna make something of it? Without pizza, none of this would be possible Could you PLEASE bite this hangnail off? OK, now everyone give yourself a big hug Gee, Karl, you're right -- your mouth does open wider than mine When I uncover my eyes, this whole rehearsal will have gone away... Now let's all eat our shoes... Please oh please forgive me!   I didn't mean to dislocate your shoulder... Wanna switch shoes for awhile? I'm gonna look mighty silly if that table's not where I think it is... I can't look, I just can't look Rehearsal?  Is there a rehearsal going on? A vain attempt to survive the TJ auditorium seats Wow, can I have your autograph? Oh my gosh! How did I get in this gratuitous Jana picture? Marshalling the troops Directing up close and personal Auditions for the three stooges Quiz:  which knee is attached to which foot? Hey look, Diane's crying over the set again... And this means you're coming in a little too far to the left... I just hate it when she directs like that... Moo and Jackie simultaneously realize that they have a kiss at the end of the show Waiting for their chance to audition as the three stooges Do it my way or I break your arm... Just got my teeth cleaned! Is that line straight enough? Is this the shot put tryouts? I knew I should have brought my hair brush today Is THIS how Greta Garbo did it? I think I just sprained my head All I have to do to cry is think about how far behind I am on homework OK, OK, loyal fans, keep it down... Karl nightmare -- still on the script but only brought one page to rehearsal Now I'm irritated! Nap time The executive suite See, my deodorant IS dry! OK, here's my estimate for redoing your image How could you think this image needs redoing? I promise -- no more butterfly shadows in the spot The winners of the screwed up face competition Just direct your comments to my assistant back here I have now acheived Nirvana