Sunday - The Banquet

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The breakfasts get lonelier and lonelier each day...
Graham, in need of a second pillow, attempts to pull Laura over by the hair.
While everyone else sleeps, Melissa has a sudden brilliant idea...
"This was soooooo much better than last year!"
Mrs. West suddenly becomes a gravitational singularity, attracting everyone around her at high velocity...
"OK, I'll toss the salad in the air, and whoever catches it can eat it..."
Everybody LOVES Mrs. West!
"Excuse me, is it OK if I eat this?"
"Food Fight!!!!"
What's with all the cheerful banquet goers?
"See, the hernia is right about here..."
"I can't believe I ate the WHOLE thing (in one bite)!"
Another picture in the "Almost caught you drooling" series.
Only two people obey the "Everyone close your eyes and say cheese!" instruction.
And finally, the end of another fun VTA trip!