VTA 2005, Reston Hyatt Regency Hotel

Enigma Variations

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Just in case you forget who you are... According to this, I'm Ben! Maybe if I pretend I'm asleep, she'll go away... You want me to lift all of those WHILE you're leaning on them? Tell us, oh great guru, what comes next? Now here's the REAL great guru! You mean you've already forgotten the secret handshake? That's so funny I think I'll punch you in the stomach! Oh bellman, could you get rid of all these people, please? Thank God, another adult! OK, OK, so I AM happy... And up there, you do a play.  You remember what plays are, right? In the ages old battle between photographer and reluctant subject, the photographer always wins! Awwwww... I'm not asleep, I'm just resting! The McLean contingent makes their big entry And I want to make sure you all get good night's sleep and take your vitamins... Could be worse -- you didn't make me shave my chest... OK, enough pictures, already! OK mister, go for your piece and I'll give ya a taste of this... All the other shoes felt slightly under dressed... No, she's mine! Nothing like a good cuddle from a health care professional... Make way for the cube girls... Skipping in high heels -- another skill they teach at TJ! Hmm.  Something here is just not right... Danielle with halo -- very Renaissance... Is it Jeewon or is it a wax copy? What's the worse that could happen?  You'd need an eye patch... Please oh please can I have an eyepatch too? Durn it, missed again. Please supply comment here (I don't dare...) Next, I'll draw in some little nose hairs! Forehead wrinkling exercises... How do you make your eye do that? Boys are soooooo boring... No way, you mean we're actually DOING this show?! No way, you mean they're actually DOING this show? This picture gives me vertigo... Nice fingernails... Well, two out of three's not too bad... Mrs. Perrino from McLean HS One more bottle left in here and this one goes right up the nose! Hmm, what's that word? Fireman groupies... Hey, what's that guy doing with a Mountain Dew bottle sticking out of his nose? Oh what the heck!  This is more than just resting... A little island of sanity in a sea of chaos... Very ready for lunch... I have to spend the weekend listening to my brother's ENGLISH TEACHER? Ipod vampire... Quiz number 4:   what and where was this? Sooooo boring... Yes I KNOW it would work better on my ears... No dear, the all star cast is not made from plaster... Yay for us!